The Industrial Committee of SPIBA invites you to take a participation in cross functonal event "Day with Kappa Rus".

The event raises the environmental agenda and includes:

  • lectures on the development of paper and cardboard packaging,
  • modern production standards,
  • Kappa Rus factory tour,
  • "School of corrugated cardboard" seminar,
  • round table discussion.

Specialists and managers in the areas of environmental protection and sustainable development are invited to the meeting. At the end of the seminar and the tour, participants will be able to share their opinions on innovations in the legislation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and other relevant issues.


Kappa Rus, as the leading manufacturer of corrugated cardboard in the North-West region and Moscow, has been holding the "School of Corrugated Cardboard" seminar for more than 10 years. At the seminar, factory specialists show the process of work talking about corrugated cardboard, its history, production technology and current trends in packaging production.

In 2022, the seminar was attended by 200 guests from 100 companies of various market segments who highly appreciated the event. The information is presented in a format understandable to a person who is not privy to the details of production technology, and, moreover, is perceived with great interest by our guests.


Julia Kupaygorodskaya

Head of environmental direction at Kappa RUS

Kirill Mostolygin

Innovation Manager for Russia at Kappa Rus

Smolyakov Vlad

Head of Packaging Optimization and Customer Development at Kappa Rus

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