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Managerial education, career achievents, and professional experience are not always enough to effectively react on challenges and sustain the same level of flexibility for decision making in the modern changing world. The degree of leadership maturity matters. Interpretation and reaction on situation depend on a leader's level of metal agility and way of thinking.

According to numerous researches from the 1980s held by Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, the level of corporate effectiveness changes based on certain metrics which are called action logics. The higher the level of vertical development of the leader, the wider becomes range of available logics of action that help him/her implement strategies and positive changes in organization.

Topics for discussion:

  • What is leadership maturity?
  • What does the vertical and horizontal development of leaders imply?
  • How are leadership maturity and successful implementation of innovations in an organization related?
  • How to assess and develop the leadership maturity of company leaders?


May 18, 2023




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Zhukovsky street 3
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

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